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Using psychiatric medication doesn’t make you weak or unmotivated. It doesn’t mean that you are using it as a crutch (a phrase that is ableist, btw). It doesn’t mean you’re “co-dependent” on medication, whatever that’s supposed to mean. It means you have an illness, and are treating it in a way you see fit. And anyone who criticizes you for treating your illness in the way you choose, without harming anyone, can fuck off. 

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Hi folks!

Sorry for not being around much! I have now acquired the puppy - and he’s a whole lot of work, little sleep and lots of whining included.

I’ve answered a couple asks and have some more answers I started on in the drafts, but I gotta get back to taking care of the puppy. I’ll stop by soon again to keep answering asks. None of you is getting ignored, please don’t forget that.

Until then, have some puppy pictures.

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Anonymous: theres so much sadness and things ive been keeping to myself and i really think i need to tell someone and i know who im going to tell but i am very scared. this person is someone i look up to a lot and im scared that they will never look at me the same or be angry. i feel like im going to burst i cant take the weight of my feelings anymore. i need to tell someone.

Hey there anon. I’m glad to hear you’ve decided to talk to somebody!

I understand that you’re in a tough position now - telling somebody is a big step and being afraid of the outcome is completely normal.

Hopefully, this person will react well - try and help them understand by providing resources and, most importantly, let them know what you’d like them to do. Being open about your needs will help the other person figure out how to act in this situation and, hopefully, encourage them to respond well.

Unfortunately, some people will not react well, which can be terrible, especially if this is the first person you talk to. But, if that happens, please don’t give up. There are always, always other people that will react differently and try their best to support you. Just because one person doesn’t understand, doesn’t have to mean that you’re on your own now. You’re being very brave by talking about it already - sooner or later, it will pay off.

Best wishes, anon! I hope the person is really worth your admiring.

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Anonymous: im scared of driving i can drive with my brother just fine but when i drive with my dad and sister i feel like i want to die and i feel so anxious and im trying so hard not to cry. im scared ill never get my license im 18 and i still cant drive for shit. im too scared of everything and if i cant drive i might as well die.

Hey there, anon. I’m sorry this is stressing you out so much.

First of all, there’s nothing wrong with not driving. I’m 18, I can’t drive and I probably never will drive. It’s okay to not be able to drive (for whatever reasons) and/or not to want to drive. You can take your time with getting your license if that’s what you want or need. There is no rush.

Either way, if you really do want to keep driving, just try your best to avoid driving with your dad and sister. Ask your brother instead. If you can, try and think about why driving with them in particular scares you so much - there might be another, underlying issue at hand.

In addition, check out this ask I answered for resources concerning your anxiety.

I really hope things get better soon, anon. Best wishes.

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velvetlilylady replied to your post: Absence

Puppy pictures please!!

Here’s one from when I visited him a week ago - more to follow once he’s home tomorrow!

xshunin replied to your post: Absence

A puppy! Congratulations! A pet is like the best help you can ever get if you have mental disabilities!

Thank you! It really can help a lot, yes, though I imagine it also takes the right kind of person to work. Everybody has different needs after all :P

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Hi folks! Just her to let y’all know that replies will be slow in the coming weeks.
I’ll be getting a puppy and he will probably be a lot of work. Between that and managing my disabilities, I’m unsure how much energy I’ll have to devote to this. I will still do my best to check the inbox and reply to anything I can, though!

Also, if y’all would like me to post some puppy pictures, let me know! The pup is an adorable dapple shorthair dachshund!

See ya soon, friends.

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Anonymous: (1 of 2 again, sorry I write so much!) Hey Mink, this is the MOH anon. First of all, I just wanted to say thank you. Honestly, I think I really just needed to tell someone how I was feeling without having to worry about being judged for it. The links you posted in your reply were actually really helpful, now I have some ways to maybe deal with these panic attacks a little better if I continue to get them. So thank you, really and truly.

Also, thank you to the anon who also replied. I guess I really just worry that my friend ISN’T as good a friend as I want her to be. She hasn’t always been & though I forgave her a long time ago, I still don’t trust her as much as I used to. Then I went and blew up at my mom & assumed the worst and she is rightfully upset, but I’m worried I only did that because I didn’t want to (more realistically) assume the worst of my best friend. But you’re right, and it’s good advice. So thank you! :)

In reply to this and this.

Welcome back, anon! And don’t worry about how much you’re writing, I like asks of any length, hahah.

I’m glad to hear back from you and I’m glad you feel somewhat better. I really hope some of the coping strategies in the links I gave you end up working for you.

I hope your situation improves, anon! Best wishes from me, once again.

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Anonymous: im sorry to bother you i just really want to talk to someone i feel so terrible and shitty and lonely and i have no reason to live but i dont want to die and im always so sad and confused and i dont want to tell my friends about it because i dont want to burden them and i dont think they care and i dont even know why i feel this way i hate myself and everyone else and i dont know what to do please tell me what to do im so so tired of being sad

Hi there, anon. I’m really sorry to hear you’re doing so badly.

First of all, you’re not bothering me. I’m glad you’re willing to talk to me, honestly. It’s a lot better than keeping everything inside.

Bottling up all these feelings really isn’t good, anon. I suggest trying to talk to your friends about it or, if you’d really rather not, try 7cupsoftea or similar websites. I’m sure your friends won’t mind you talking to them, though. They’re your friends for a reason, after all.

You can try checking out some of these links 1 2 to maybe help you cope with your depression (at least I’m assuming that’s what you’re describing).

Lastly, I want to address something. I don’t believe that anybody needs a “reason” to live. Simply you, existing for yourself, on your own terms, is all you need. No justification. I hope you can ponder that a bit and, maybe, see things the way I see them.

I hope some of this helps you, anon. Best wishes.

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When you want to give up


1. Remember why you started – what your reasons were. What was the “spark” that got you going, and inspired you to begin on the journey you are on?

2. List all the reasons why you can persevere, and make it to the end so you reach your goal. Remind yourself you have what you need to succeed.

3. Give yourself permission to give up if you choose. That reminds you that it’s you who is in control. You’re choosing to do this as it’s what you want to do.

4. Think of all the reasons why you should persevere – as that stops you focusing on why you should give up. What are the benefits? What will you gain? How will you feel when you’ve reached your goal?

5. Instead of concentrating on the struggle and the effort, focus all that energy on looking for solutions.

6. Recognise that success will require sacrifice. It’s always hard work, and every winner pays a price. “No pain no gain” is a basic truth in life.

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Dear Autism

I do not mind being autistic, The joy of stimming or an obsessive interest can be unparalleled. I mind the fucked up ways I used to cope with my developmental disorder.

Dear mental illnesses,

I’ve been using you as a crutch so long. I should not.

I want stability but I have been sick so long. I have been lax in fighting you lately, I know. I ,made a 3.75 gpa while getting an accurate diagnosis of IC. I am becoming slowly a disability rights activist. I also have received the gift of chronic pain.

I can get through this. I wish it wasn’t so intensely isolating, mundane, and painful.

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Anonymous: Glad to see you're back:) I was a bit worried

I’m also glad to be back, anon! I’ll also assure you, there’s never a need to worry about me. I’ll always be fine sooner or later - sometimes it just takes a while to get there.

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Anonymous: For the MOH anon: you could talk to your friend and explain that the situation is very uncomfortable for you as you care very much for both parties. You could tell her that, as this is something that offended her own mother, she or her mother could talk to your mom and sort it out between themselves. If she's as good a friend as I guess you want her to be, she will respect your wish and try to, at least, understand your point of view. Maybe go for a quiet coffee and gently explain your concerns.

In reference to this.

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Anonymous: (1 of 2) I have pretty bad anxiety and also mild, chronic depression. I've been having a very anxiety-stricken week and, while I've always had very bad social anxiety especially, I'm not used to having actual panic attacks like I've been having (my anxiety just never manifested in that way), but I thought I'd been handling them pretty well.

However, today my best friend (who’s getting married on the 30th, I’m her MOH) called me & accused my mother of saying something very hurtful and offensive to her mother @ the bridal shower I threw her last weekend. I confronted my mother about it, & she denied it and got pissed at me for assuming she would’ve said anything which made me feel awful. That means my mother or my best friend is lying to me & I have no idea who to believe and I got home & had the most frightening panic attack. I just normally would call my friend & she would try to calm me down but since she is part of this I can’t. The worst part is I know she has lied to me before just to create drama between me & someone else & just thinking that she would be lying about it makes me so panicky bc she is one of the only friends I have & I’m afraid I might have another really bad attack again tonight bc I can’t stop thinking about it.

Hey there anon. I’ll do my best and try to help some.

I’m sorry you’re caught in the middle like this. It really doesn’t sound pleasant in the least.

First of all, the fact that you’re experiencing panic attacks probably means this is really pushing you far out of your comfort zone. If at all possible, once things blow over, try talking to your friend about situations like this so they can hopefully be avoided. You shouldn’t have to get triggered this badly.

Unfortunately I don’t have any concrete tips on how to deal with this situation, besides confronting your friend about it (which might not be an option for you in your current state). I’m sure things will be resolved eventually and you can find out what really happened. It could be that things were just a misunderstanding and/or miscommunication at some point.

If you can, try some of the things on this or this post to try coping with the situation and/or distracting yourself.

Followers, if you have any idea how to help this anon, please send in an ask or leave me a reply! I’m really a bit stumped in terms of directly applicable advice on this one.

I’m really sorry for not being able to help much, anon. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and I hope your situation gets better soon. Best wishes!

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ihavemorescarsthanfriends: I'm not feeling it today..I have really bad anxiety today and I'm still shaking. I have work in a couple of hours and I just can't do it.

Hey there, I’m sorry you’re not doing well today.

Please don’t beat yourself up about needing a break today - sometimes things just become too much and allowing yourself to take the time you need is exactly the right thing to do.

Try doing something pleasant, something you enjoy. Have some warm drinks, maybe. If you’d like, check out this post with info on how to cope with anxiety.

Hopefully, the rest of your day will be a bit better. Just take things slow for the day and I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Best wishes!

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ashb4sh101: i have social anxiety and i have a college interview in a few days and i really think i am going to flump it and not get in. it is really important for me to get into this college class because it will help my future career. i feel like i am going to break down in the room and i am going to muck everything up, i cant even think about it without it freaking me out. do you have any advice for keeping calm and coping with anxitey. xx

Hey there, I’m sorry to hear you’re about to face such a stressful situation!

I’m fairly sure that I’d feel just the same. Interviews like that are stressful as is, but with the added factor of anxiety it seems like disaster is unavoidable.

But, let’s try and find some ways to make it more bearable for you.
First of all, try to avoid other things that could stress you out. Plan things like transportation, what to wear and anything else beforehand so you don’t have to worry about that on the day of the interview.
Secondly, practice. Prepare yourself for the kinds of questions you might have to answer, play it through in your head, ask a friend or family member to ask you some questions as if that was you interview.
Last but not least, try out some of the things listed here for help with anxiety and these links 1 2 3 specifically for anxiety about interviews (they’re about job interviews, but I figured they’d still apply). Hopefully, somewhere in there, you will find some more things that work for you personally.

I’m sure you can do this. You’ll do your best and I’m sure that’ll be just fine.

Best wishes from me and I really hope you get in!

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