You Are Not Alone


[a rebloggable post of past advice from followers] 


On the computer 

F. lux  creates a lovely warm glow between sundown and sunup that is supposed to not mess with your sleep cycle the way a normal screen will.

- Listen to calming music  or [just a note for rainymood the background is a looped video of rain on a window so warning in case you get dizzy from mild flashing lights or movement]

- watch tv shows or listen to podcasts that are non-triggering. Simply hearing a familiar voice or seeing familiar faces can help

- chat/skype with a friend. Talk about what is on your mind.


In your room

- put a nightlight in your room or leave a lamp on

- build yourself a nest of pillows, blankets, and/or stuffed animals



- Melatonin, a sleep supplement, is available for purchase in most health food and drug stores without a prescription

- sedative herbs like valerian root (can be found in teas but is also available in “herbal supplements”)

- Celestial Seasonings teas makes a “sleepytime” tea which is great if you need to relax or go to sleep



- Make a list of what is worrying you and place it somewhere so you will find it the following morning

- Take a warm bath or shower and scrub yourself clean

- Get a little food in your stomach

- Count backwards from 1000 by 7s

- If you have been unable to sleep for longer than 30 minutes-1hr get out of bed and do something until you feel tired again. 

-Wake up at the same time everyday to reset your sleep-wake cycle 

-Avoid doing anything else in bed apart from sleeping or sex. Try to do activities like work, eating and watching tv outside of bed.

- Try Progressive tension/relaxation [progressive muscle relaxation]


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Anonymous wondered:

I feel like I should talk more about my problems but I'm scared to. I fear/know that every time I'll say something about it and they'll go "But that's how everyone feels" or "Everybody's like that!" it's happened so many times now I'm getting to be ashamed of having the issues I do. I feel like a whiny pathetic loser if I can't even handle the same shit every body else does. It makes me feel like I don't have problems, I'm just weak.

I know how scary it can be confiding personal problems/feelings to people. You don’t know how they’ll react. And there’s always that underlying fear that you’ll be ridiculed, put down, or not even listened to.

You are not a whiny loser, and you should’t let people belittle your problems and say things like that. Just because someone may have it worse, or other people might go what you go through doesn’t mean it affects you any less. Everyone handles things differently, what might be easy to cope with for one person might be the end of the world for another.

Don’t feel ashamed, your problems are just as significant as anyone else’s. And they should be taken just as seriously as anyone else’s. I might be rambling on, repeating the same thing just worded differently. But I just want to be able to get my point across. Your problems are just as valid as anyone else’s. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help.



Anonymous wondered:

What's the fucking point anymore? No one is there, no one listens. I'm done. I can't talk to anyone. I'm going to hate this semester, I know it:( I'm all alone, as usual.

I’m sorry you feel that way. I might not know your situation, so please don’t take any offense when I say that I’m sure there are people out there who love you. Though you may think that’s not the case. It could be your parents, relatives, even friends. And as for no one listening to you, I’m sorry. It’s hard going through troubling times with no one to lean on. It’s stressful and aggravating. But remember, if you ever need to vent, you could always message me on my personal blog and I’ll do my best to help.

And as for school, I know how disheartening it is to go through it alone. I only know one other person at my school and I hardly get to see them. It’s hard, seeing other people hanging out in their groups while you’re just there on your own. But it’s not so bad, maybe you could try and talk to some people in your class if you get the chance to. You might find someone you’re able to relate to who will possibly be your next friend! Chin up, love. Everything will be fine, and again, if you ever need someone to talk to. I’ll always be here.



fragranceofroses wondered:

I'm so glad you guys are back!

Glad to be back! 



Anonymous wondered:

I used to be so optimistic about my future but now I feel like there's no point in trying to live it anymore

Life can be hard sometimes, trust me I know. And it can become suffocating, overwhelming, and sometimes just plain terrifying. But you have to understand that there would be no good if we didn’t have any bad. Sure, sometimes things start to go downhill with no sign of going back up. And sometimes all we want to do is give up. But I just want to tell you this, however cliche it might sound, that life is worth living. All bad things come to an end eventually. Life is a series of ups and downs, and you will reach the upward climb soon. Just try your best to help yourself feel better. If you’re finding that your old hobbies/likes don’t entertain you anymore, try and find something new. Maybe start up a new book or tv show. Whichever fits your preference. Or  take up some outdoor hobbies, since the sunlight will actually help your body boost the serotonin and dopamine that’s released into the brain! 

I might have gone off on a rant, but the point is. The future is scary. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad thing.

And just in case you might be having suicidal thoughts. Here’s a link you might want to check out that could help:

Hopefully this helped, good luck, and stay strong. <3



mssr-lemonade wondered:

Is this blog still running? I miss you two.

It is now, kind of sort of. Sorry for being away so long.



Anonymous wondered:

Can you suggest different coping methods when it comes to self harm? I promised my boyfriend not to do it again as he got upset with the fact i hurt myself and i guess i dont want to do it, keep it a secret and for him to find out again x

I have a link to a master post I put together a while back. Hopefully it helps and has some methods you haven’t tried yet. Good luck, and stay strong <3


well done on publishing a ‘pro ana’ tip

Here, let me post better ways (links to articles) of coping with binge eating.

Though the problem with posting tips and help for someone with a binge eating disorder is that it will almost always come out as ‘pro ana’. It can’t be helped. I’m sorry if that’s how it comes off. But I like to believe that a good majority of our followers have the common sense to know what tips and advice are for what. Especially when it was clearly stated that the tip was for binge eating.



Anonymous wondered:

Hello I found your blog recently and it's been a big help with some things but I was wondering if you could tell me more about OCD and ADHD? I was diagnosed with them when I was little and never quite understood them, how it makes someone different from others, etc.

Here are some links you might find helpful:

  • Help Guide A site containing articles to help understand, help numbers,  “tool kits”, and self help. 
  • Mental Support Community A forum to talk about ADD/ADHD and how it affects your life. 
  • Mental Help A site that has basic information, resources, articles, and a list of books that might be helpful.

And for the OCD:

  • Mental Help A site that has basic information, resources, articles, and a list of books that might be helpful. 
  • It might help to read some information on this blog ocdfree that has some great links and forums. 
  • The ocd foundation has some fantastic links for finding help, resources, links and information about OCD. 
  • This post gives information on what Tics are and how they are treated. 


I constantly think of what others think of me, of how fat, annoying or ugly I am. I am disgusted by the way I push away my real friends for people who I want to be friends with but can’t really connect with. I know it’s stupid - this need for me to be socially accepted and liked. When people don’t like me, I tend to obsessively think about why and what I can do solve it… it takes away so much time and energy from me. My mind is always in overdrive and worrying about everything, it’s making me so so tired…

I used to love the rain, the cool and peace it brings. Now I just find it gloomy and dark skies make me feel sad.

The things I used to feel pleasure from like playing games and shopping, no longer interest me.

I can never get anything done. I haven’t been productive in a very long time and my finals are here, but I don’t feel as worried as I should be. I thought being alone without distraction would help. But it does the exact opposite. I used to love the solitude and quiet time I give myself. Now I despise it, because when I’m alone with nothing but my dangerous thoughts, I tend to think of the things that could’ve been but will never happen. I feel that the world is just so unfair, and I’m wondering why karma isn’t working on the people who deserve it.

Whenever I think of my problems, it makes me want to cry. I’m so afraid to cry, because I don’t want to be weak and let myself think that it’s okay to cry so much. But sometimes I let myself cry, let the tears fill that emptiness. And crying does make me feel a little better.

Melancholy has taken over my life, and I hate it because I was known as the cranky, quirky one. Now, friends have noticed how ‘emo’ and detached I have become, how angry I am at the world’s injustice.

People think I’m strong for holding on. Some people think I’m foolish. Honestly, I don’t know which is right. I think I am the opposite of strong. I am weak. I can’t seem to let go. Because whenever I want to, there is this little sliver of hope which I cling to, but I don’t know if it’s bad or good for me. All I want to do is give up, as everyone has, and it is the mentally/emotionally healthier option. I’m exhausted, but here I am, worrying about it constantly. Still holding on even though it will hurt me to.

At the back of my mind, I know things might get better in the future, but for now… I am in so much emotional pain. I’ve had mild versions of this in the past years, but never this intense. Everything makes me so emotional. Someone forgot the oysters in my noodles, and I got so agitated and hung up about it! I don’t want to be emotional!

I know we should embrace change, because change is the only constant thing in our lives. But how do you embrace change for the worst?

I’m praying so hard that this will go away as soon as possible.

I’m tired of putting on a facade, a mask; and giving everyone a show…

(btw thanks for providing a means of outlet here :) this blog is amazing and i’m sure it’s helped so many people. thank you for the things you guys do)


Anonymous wondered:

I have a friend who suffers from anxiety/panic attacks. Is there anything I can do to help her during an attack?

My friend Kat put together a wonderful post on that. You can check it out in this link. Hopefully you find something that helps.



Anonymous wondered:

To the person who asked about taking bipolar medications without being bipolar: I'm not familiar with any of these medications, but you better stay away from lithium UNLESS you got a prescription from a doctor. If you don't need it, it might damage your general health.